One Simple Blood Test

Could Save Your Life

ColoPlex™ provides patients and physicians a simple, accurate blood testing option to detect colorectal cancer.

This early detection blood test is aimed at driving the right people to confirmatory colonoscopy, reducing overall costs of screening programs and improving patient outcomes. Utilizing a novel machine learning algorithm coupled with a leading multiplex platform to measure numerous proteins in a single patient blood sample, ColoPlex™ can provide more information to physicians so that they can diagnose disease early.

EDP Biotech has tested ColoPlex™ in 1,981 patient research study and has initiated six additional clinical research studies for further validation. Currently, ColoPlex™ is for Research Use Only, and is not yet FDA approved or cleared for sale in the United States.

How colon cancer testing is done today


In the realm of life-saving tests, colonoscopies have proven their value in the fight to detect the presence of colorectal cancer. Yet, the cost, unpleasantness and discomfort caused by the test leads too many patients to avoid the procedure. In fact, only 50% of patients who should be screened have actually had a colonoscopy.

Whether avoiding the test because of a reluctance to experience discomfort, an unwillingness to take the time, or out of fear, this decision can cost a patient’s life. If detected at Stage I, colorectal cancer has a 90% five-year survival rate. By Stage II, the five-year rate drops to 60% and continues to fall to 10% at Stage IV. A colonoscopy is a valuable tool in detecting early stages of colorectal cancers, but it can’t work if the patient avoids testing.

Clearly a cost-effective alternative, such as a blood test, would be complimentary and drive the correct patients to colonoscopy, reducing false positives from current stool screening tests, and lowering healthcare costs.

EDP Biotech, a US-based medical company, asked this question and dove into extensive research to find a solution.

Our vision of a better future

ColoPlex™: A potential option to Aid in Diagnosis

EDP Biotech’s research into cancer biomarkers identified numerous protein biomarkers which may be useful in the early detection of colorectal cancer and adenomas in patients. Utilizing multiplexing technology to measure all of these biomarkers in a single patient blood sample was the key to developing ColoPlex™ as an aid in diagnosis to help physicians identify potential candidates for colonoscopies.

ColoPlex™ can be added easily to the panel of tests routinely performed on the patient’s blood as part of the patient’s annual physical.  The results are as simple as the test itself, Positive or Negative. The result can help physicians identify patients who would benefit from additional diagnostics, including colonoscopies.