EDP Biotech pitches last week, participating in two upcoming events in November


Eric Mayer, Chief Executive Officer of EDP Biotech Corporation, alerted us to several important events for the company. One was last week during “Startup Week Chattanooga,” the other two are upcoming.

“EDP was honored to participate in CO.LAB’s ‘HealthTech Demo Day and Investor Panel’ last week,” Mayer said. “After spending the summer in their accelerator alongside other great tech entrepreneurs, we were able to demonstrate our ‘go-to-market strategy’ for both COVID and ColoPlexTM testing, highlighting our recent company progress and future potential. Insights from the panelists Rebekah Sharpe and Marcus Whitney will help EDP Biotech improve as we continue to grow the company.”

The other two upcoming events are the: (1) “New Orleans Health Innovators” (NOLAHI) forum November 18 that was postponed earlier in the year; and (2) 2020 American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) “HealthTech Showcase” where EDP Biotech will be an exhibitor November 5 and 6.