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EDP is seeking investment partners to provide investment capital to accelerate the development and commercialization of ColoMarker® and to further strengthen its position in the marketplace.

Marking a major milestone in the early detection and management of colon cancer, EDP Biotech Corporation has completed pre-clinical proof of concept tests for its ColoMarker® blood test which has shown to be highly accurate in the detection for colon cancers presented at Stages I through III.  ColoMarker® would become the first test to combine diagnostic applications with use as a patient management tool that could help physicians determine the effectiveness of colon cancer treatment in patients.

Company Overview

EDP Biotech Corporation is a privately held medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of immunodiagnostic tests. EDP performs research and develops products to identify and purify proteins present in the early stages of biological changes for production of in vitro diagnostic tests whose primary target is early detection. EDP’s primary product, ColoMarker®, is a new tumor marker assay to be used in the early detection and monitoring of colorectal cancer. The ColoMarker® test is currently in the research and development stage.

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